Creixà school

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Creixà school

New constr. 1 line

  • Lliurament del projecte:
  • Final d'obra:
  • Client: Departament d'Educació/GISA
  • Metratge: 2.066m2
  • Direcció: Rbla. de Piera, 58
  • Ciutat: Piera (Anoia)
  • Pec (€x1.000): 3.028


The project is developed in two phases. The first, a 5 units cyclic school, and a second phase, which turns the school into a primary one-line school. The building has a E-shaped scheme, with the first leg destined to younger child, the central to  complementary spaces and the third  to the  gym, leaving the body between the first and second  to access.