Sol Solet kindergarten

Education kindergarten new building
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Sol Solet kindergarten

New constr. 3 classrooms

  • Lliurament del projecte:
  • Final d'obra:
  • Client: Ajuntament del Masnou
  • Metratge: 391m2
  • Direcció: C/Pere Genové, 9-11
  • Ciutat: El Masnou (El Maresme)
  • Pec (€x1.000): 341


The plot, completely free and 2.278m2 dimensions, is located in Masnou town, in the Maresme, in a location with superb views. The building, which contains three classrooms, are grouped and situated with the best orientation and views. The main volum of the building is a box under a curve deck like a hat wich gives escale and entity to the building, while it generates outdoors penthouse spaces.