Vora el Mar school

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Vora el Mar school

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  • Lliurament del projecte:
  • Final d'obra:
  • Client: Departament d'Educació/GISA
  • Metratge: 3.311m2
  • Direcció: C/Verge del Pilar, 10
  • Ciutat: Cubelles (Garraf)
  • Pec (€x1.000): 3.803


The project is developed in two phases; firstly the children building is built which is a linear ground floor volume with gable roof located parallel to Charlie Rivel street. The second phase, wich contains primary program, gym and the sports track. is resolved with three volumes that are organized in T-shape, making facade to Verge del Pilar street. The building of the primary classrooms are planned following the same criteria that the children building (ground floor with gable roof). The two buildings are related from a continuous porch.