Els Petits Estels kindergarten

Education kindergarten new building
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Els Petits Estels kindergarten

New construction 4 classroom

  • Lliurament del projecte:
  • Final d'obra:
  • Client: Ajuntament de Llinars del Vallès
  • Metratge: 480m2
  • Direcció: C/Ramón Casas, 3
  • Ciutat: Llinars del Vallès (Vallès Oriental)
  • Pec (€x1.000): 638


The project is resolved so as to make three container pieces with the different program, wich will determine the facade treatment. Thus, the access container and circulation becomes a glazing facing and open, and the two others, however, will be more closed, with strategical opening. In addition, the volume of the building is protected by a curved deck that protects, creates space under the porch and gives scale and entity to the whole body.